Advanced Use Case Lab


By the end of this course, attendees will be able to understand the essential elements of use case diagrams and specifications, understand guidelines developing high quality, effective use cases, identify and correct common mistakes in use cases and know useful patterns for handling common types of requirements

Advanced Use Case Lab teaches techniques for writing high quality use cases. Student retention of these techniques is optimized as the course spends the majority of time in hands-on labs applying the techniques discussed. The course proceeds through each section of defining a use case; exploring the purpose, issues, guidelines, and techniques needed to write them effectively. This in-depth, focused approach equips students with skills needed to be productive use case analysts.


For business analysts, requirements analysts, systems analysts, software designers, information architects, project managers, testers, and quality assurance team members


2 day course. Workshop format. 50% or more exercises and discussions.

Course Number ICOUCL-3.7