Professional Scrum Product Owner


Offered through an affiliation with, this course is the standard course developed by Ken Schwaber, the originator of Scrum. The Product Owner role as defined by Scrum as a key role that acts as the single voice to drive development of the product. They must possess certain skills and characteristics in order to be effective and to optimize the business’ return on investment (ROI). If the Product Owner is ineffective then the Scrum team will be too.

This course will teach the new product owner how to develop good requirements in the form of user stories, so that a project can progress with effective short series of iterations. Requirements prioritization and estimation will be thoroughly taught through a series of exercises. Advanced topics, such as tracking, metrics, and how to negotiate the needs of multiple stakeholders will conclude the course. Objective is to be an effective product owner and maximize ROI for an agile Scrum project.


Business and IT Product managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts that have some exposure to agile and Scrum.


2 day course. Workshop format. 50% or more exercises and discussions.

After class, attendees will have 14 days to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner I online assessment, which consists of 80 multiple choice questions. If they score 85%, they will receive PSPO I certification. Students are also eligible for the PSPO II certification test at a $200 discount. This discount does not expire.

Course Number SOPSPO-3.2